How to Store a Bike in Your Apartment

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Biking around your neighborhood on a beautiful day is one of the great pleasures of life at your luxury West Miami, FL apartment—and a great way to exercise, decompress from your workday, and bond with friends.

We provide bike racks for your convenience, but it can be even more convenient to store your bike inside your apartment. That way, you can just throw on your helmet and go. Here are some tips to store your bike in your apartment, even when space is limited.

Hang Your Bike from the Ceiling

Nothing saves floor space like getting your bike off the floor. Attach hooks high up in your apartment, either screwing them into wall studs or mounting them on your patio. If you don't like the way this looks, consider hanging a curtain in front of the bike.

Hang your Bike On the Wall

Some bicycles are almost works of art in their own right. Why not treat them as such? When you aren't riding it, your bike could be a kind of "3D art installation," saving you money on alternate wall decorations. Some wall-mounted bike hangers are equally artistic.

Try a Display Shelf

A more innovative solution may be to set an attractive bicycle on a large display shelf. The shelf could even contain cubbies or cabinets for extra storage. This could save you the trouble of driving holes into your walls.

Make Room Behind Furniture

Bicycles are narrow. See if you can move a high-backed sofa or entertainment center a foot-and-a-half away from the wall and create a perfect bicycle storage nook.

Get a Freestanding Bike Rack

If all else fails, you could outfit a corner of your apartment with a small freestanding bike rack. These low-profile appliances stabilize the wheel, allowing you to store the bike flat against the wall without eating up space leaning it on its kickstand. When the bike is removed, the tiny bike rack is barely noticeable.


We love our cyclist residents and are here to help your biking life flourish in and around our apartments in West Miami. Contact us for ideas to make your bicycle hobby an integral part of your Miami lifestyle!

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