Best Ceiling Fan Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Dust Free

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Nothing says smart, energy-efficient and comfortable like ceiling fans in your West Miami, Florida apartment. It’s a practical and beautiful amenity that will get a workout most of the year in the Florida heat. Consider some tips to keep your fan looking and working its best. 

Use an Extendable Duster

Look for a duster with replaceable microfiber head and an extendable arm. There are also specifically designed extendable fan dusters. They cover both sides of the blade at once, so they are more time-efficient. You just extend them up and run them over the blades.

The downside to both these methods is you are not removing the dust as much as moving it around. What was on the fan blade will fall to the floor or, worse, onto your bed. There is a DIY cleaning style takes care of that problem, though. 

The Pillowcase Method

For this approach, you are going to need a stepladder to stand on, along with a pillowcase. Place the stepladder under and to the side of the fan, so you can reach the ends of the blades. 

  • Slide the pillowcase over the fan just like you do when putting it on a pillow. 

  • Grasp the opening of the pillowcase so the fabric touches the blade on each side. 

  • Slide the pillowcase off with your hands. 

The beauty is the dust falls into the pillowcase, not onto the floor or furniture. You can do all the blades with one pillowcase then empty the contents into the trash and toss the case into the wash. 

Don’t Forget the Accessories

There is more to the fan than just the blades, though. While on the step stool, take a slightly damp rag and go over the base on the fan and lights if there any. 

If using a duster, run it over the accessories to clean them. Once or twice a year, you will want to get close to the fan and clean it with a damp cloth. 

Having ceiling fans is a great way to save you money on your monthly AC bills in your West Miami, Florida apartment. Find out what other amenities we have by going online to visit our website or calling the office. 

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