3 Exercises for Lower Back Pain

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Have you ever had lower back pain? This type of pain is one of the most common for adults in the United States. Here are three exercises to help treat lower back pain:

Knee-to-Chest Stretches

This exercise can help stretch your back, possibly leading to pressure relief in your lower back. To perform this stretch, start by laying on your back against the floor. Tuck one leg into your body while bending at the knees. Use both hands to pull this leg into your body toward your chest, while grabbing at the knee. Hold your knee against your chest for five seconds while keeping your abs tight and making sure to press your spine against the floor. Slowly return to the starting position and switch legs. Repeat exercise 2-3 times daily. Over time, you should notice a huge improvement with your back pain.

Lateral Leg Lifts

This exercise works the hip abductor muscles, which support the pelvis and can reduce the pressure that’s put on the lower back. To perform the lying lateral leg lift, lie on one side of your body with the legs together while keeping the lower leg slightly bent. Suck in your stomach to engage your core muscles and raise your top leg about 18 inches, and keep it straight and extended. Hold this position for two seconds and repeat 10 times. Turn to your other leg and repeat. Complete three sets for each side. If done correctly, you should notice less back pain in as little as a few days.


Having good posture is key to limiting back pain. And good posture comes easier with strong back extensor muscles. When these muscles become weak, it can result in poor posture and lower back issues. To perform the Superman pose, lie on the ground face down and extend your arms and legs directly in front of and behind you. Then lift your arms and legs off the ground, and try to create a 6-inch gap between your body and the floor. To engage your core muscles, lift your belly button from off the ground as well. Be sure to keep your head straight and look at the ground to avoid neck issues. Extend your feet and hands out as far as possible and hold the position for two seconds. Move back to the starting position and repeat 10 times.

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