3 Winter Crafts to Make While Watching TV

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With its longer nights and colder temperatures, the wintertime is a great time to settle on the couch and binge your favorite shows. But as fun as it can be to lounge around, it's also nice to do something productive while you're relaxing. Here are a few crafts that you can do while you're catching up on all the must-see TV you missed over the summer. 

Jute Mat

A jute mat is made with by weaving jute yarn into a rug that you can use to wipe or warm your feet all-year round. This project may be a little complex for those who are brand new to weaving, but it's certainly not beyond the realm of possibility. This project comes highly recommended because it's as time-intensive as it is rewarding. You can watch the rug come alive all season long!

Make a Cape 

Kids love to be superheroes, so why not make someone a cape while you're sitting in front of the television? If you love making children smile, then Enchanted Makeovers may be the charity for you. This charity accepts capes that will be given to children with serious illnesses or disabilities. As easy to make as it is to give, these capes encourage children to believe they can do the impossible. 

T-Shirt Tote Bag

Your old T-shirts are probably sitting around taking up space because you haven't gotten around to taking them to Goodwill yet. But why not turn those Tees into a stylish tote bag that you can use to store your extra stuff? This project involves finding a T-shirt with a fun pattern, cutting it up, and then sewing the bottoms together. Once you turn it inside-out, you'll have a bag you'll love to carry. You can even customize it for a great gift idea too!

Making crafts isn't just a way to help your home come alive, it's also a way you can feel good about yourself and your talents. If you're looking for West Miami, FL apartments that will give you the space and inspiration you need to make fun crafts, consider calling District West Gables today. We have the floor plans and the amenities you need to get it all done. 

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