3 Easy Marinades to Make This Winter

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Marinades are a great way to give your meats and veggies a lot more flavor in the winter, and the best part is they don't take all that long to make. Marinades may require a little forethought, but most of the work is done while you're asleep! Here are three fun marinades that can be made on a Sunday night for delicious and flavorful meals all week long. 


There's more to a great teriyaki marinade than just buying a bottle at the store. This marinade combines pineapple juice, soy sauce, honey, ginger and garlic to give you a hearty marinade that works on practically every cut of meat. Teriyaki is a crowd-pleaser because it's hearty enough to satisfy big appetites but subtle enough to be unoffensive to picky eaters. It's recommended for poultry and beef, but feel free to mix it up with seafood and pork too. 


This Korean favorite is made with sesame seeds, which can instantly give your dish the texture and dimension you're looking for. This marinade is made for beef, but you can use it for any meat or seafood you have on hand. A marinade of green onions, sesame oil and sugar gives just the right amount of balance to the meat, making this a recipe you'll use again and again all season.


This marinade is a versatile one that can be used on chicken, pork or seafood. Milder than the other suggestions on this list, it combines garlic, olive oil and lemon into a marinade that will instantly give your food the freshness you crave. When winter rolls around, it can feel as though the brightness has been entirely removed from your days. Amidst the dark nights and chilly temperatures, you can use this marinade to put a little freshness back in your life. 

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