How to Keep Your Dog from Barking

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Your dog may bark for any number of reasons throughout the day, which can ultimately be frustrating for owners in West Miami, FL apartments who would prefer the dog only bark in emergency situations. If you're trying to train your dog to be a little quieter, keep these tips in mind to give them the positive motivation they need to calm themselves down. 

Don't Yell 

When you're yelling at your dog to silence themselves, your dog may get the impression that you're just trying to do a little barking of your own. If you're angry at your dog, you'll likely just make them more anxious (and more likely to keep barking to release that energy).

Be Upbeat

Keep your training sessions as positive and consistent as possible. All members of the household need to be aware of the plan so there's no confusion for your pup. If you're dog barks at practically every outdoor noise or movement, close the curtains or place your dog in another room to distract them from the stimulus. 

Ignore the Barking 

Your dog is likely responding to the attention they receive when they're barking. Much like a small child, they may not even need that attention to be positive in order to keep going. This method may take some self-control, but it involves not talking to the dog, not looking at them, and certainly not touching them. They should only receive attention when they're quiet — even if only for a second to get their breath back.

It's now he deserves the treat that he was likely barking for in the first place. This tactic can be frustrating because it may mean putting up with a lot of noise for quite some time. However, it's the only way to teach your dog that their barks will not get them what they want. 

Training your dog will take some effort, but you can do it if you're willing to devote the time and energy. If you're searching for an apartment who understands your pet the way you do, consider District West Gables for your new home. Give us a call today to schedule a tour or to find out more about our open doors for pets!

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