Selecting the Perfect Apartment Wall Art

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Apartments in Miami 
look great with wall art and embellishments that reflect your flavor and style. Some options also have functional purposes for added value. Consider the choices below when you are looking for inspiration.

Flat Artwork

Paintings and other flat artwork are the first things many people think of when you say “wall decor.” It’s a great way to add color and ambiance to your apartment home. Whether you choose structured black-and-white prints or textured canvases full of chaotic color, flat artwork can make your walls speak.

Images of Your Favorite Faces and Places

If you have lots of images on your laptop or smart device but none on your walls, choose a few of your most cherished shots to print out and frame. Then, sprinkle them in groups or individually to add interest to bare spots. This is a great way to keep family and friends close to your heart if you’ve recently moved from another area. Photos on your wall are fantastic ways to celebrate your best vacations and remind you to take more of them.

Functional Wall Accessories

Some items are both beautiful and functional. Hang a clock with funky fonts to match your quirky style, or go with a classic model to add depth to your decor and as a convenient way to tell the time without locating your cell phone.

Mirrors make it easy to check your appearance before you head out the door of your apartment, and they make an apartment feel bigger.

Tapestries and Fabrics

Luxurious tapestries give your apartment distinctive flair. Printed or painted cloth can be hung on a decorative rod and instantly add a touch of class to your space. Tapestries aren’t as easy to find as other wall art, so many apartment residents don’t think of them. This means that your apartment will stand out when you use them. In fact, a well-placed tapestry adds variety, and larger ones set the tone for the entire room.

Wallpaper and Borders

If you want to add Old World appeal or create an encompassing vibe in a room, wallpaper could be a great option for you. Bring in complex patterns or multiple colors that paint just can’t pull off.

Borders help you create effects on a smaller scale. They can add a finished look to kitchens or give nurseries a cheerful touch.

If you’re looking for a more expansive space or looking at apartments in Miami, contact us to see which floor plans are still available.






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