How Often Should You Take Your Dog for a Walk?

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Taking your dog for a walk is a great way to bond with your pet while encouraging you to get more exercise. It allows the two of you to explore your neighborhood together and find little gems you both can enjoy. But it's also necessary to walk your dog so they can get the stimulation they need to be happy and healthy. If you live in West Miami apartments, see how often you should be taking your dog out to see if you need to adjust your schedule for your best friend. 

The Bare Minimum 

No matter what breed you have, you aim to walk your dog at least twice a day for about 15 minutes per outing. If you have an extremely low-energy dog or if you feed them a low-residue diet, you may be able to get away with walking them once a day. Many high-energy dogs though will need to be walked three or four times a day for as long as the owner can stand it. Smaller dogs with smaller bladders may need shorter walks five or six times a day. Your vet can tell you more about what is appropriate based on the type of dog you have, their weight and their temperament. 

Additional Tips 

If your dog has been ill, you'll need to walk them more often to avoid accidents in your apartment. If your dog seems nervous or depressed, forcing them on more walks per day can be a good way to help alleviate their anxieties and put them back in the swing of things. Walking is good for you too — even when the weather isn't cooperating. It can boost everything from your mood to your heart health. As hard as it can be to step up your routine when you feel like you're already taxed for time, the effort will be well worth the reward. 

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