These 4 Exercises Will Protect Your Back From Injury When Moving Furniture

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Protecting your back from injury is especially important when you're moving. Even hiring movers can't entirely stem the need for some added muscle protection, as you can easily injure yourself moving a sofa across the floor in your West Miami apartment. Preventing these injuries can't happen overnight, but these exercises will help you build strength over time that will protect your back from injury when you're moving furniture or other heavy objects. 

External Hip Rotation

Lay on your side on the floor with your knees bent, and pop a resistance band around the area just over your knees. You'll be contracting your glutes 30 reps per side by lifting your upper knee toward the ceiling while maintaining contact between your feet. 


Whether you are able to handle a full-out plank with your arms extended or if you need to rest on your elbows, planks are an exceptional exercise for building core strength — which ultimately protects your back. Planks are an easy exercise to do just about anywhere, and you only need to do three sets of planks to get started. Each repetition should be held for approximately 1 minute before resting for 30 seconds and beginning again. 


A strong lower back is a critical component for limiting the injuries that can happen along your spine and back. Stretching the muscles surrounding the back, including your hamstrings, hip flexors and glutes will help keep everything limbered up and in shape for when you need to call upon those large muscle groups to make a move. These exercises will also help improve your range of motion, which is a major benefit as we age. 

Do the Superman

Becoming like the "Man of Steel" requires only an exercise mat and some seriously strong core muscles! You're targeting the muscles that are most likely to be damaged when you're moving heavy items by lying on your stomach with your arms extended before you and your legs straight as well. Simultaneously lift your legs, chest, and arms from the floor — you should look like you're flying. Rest for a few seconds and repeat up to 15–20 times. 

As with any other exercise program, safety first! Ensure that your doctor agrees that the exercises are safe for you to perform based on your personal wellness levels. Plus, you'll be looking hot when you're ready to hit the beach! Join us today at District West Gables, South Miami's premier luxury rentals. View the floor plans and amenities; then schedule your personal tour today at (866) 300-4596. 

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