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The act of being in the moment can help reduce stress and make us feel more connected. We hope our District West Gables community members in Miami, Florida, find these mindfulness techniques useful.

Mindful Breathing Techniques

Although the crossed-legged lotus position helps channel the body’s energy, everyday people can just sit down, relax and breathe. Mindful breathing is not about uncomfortable positions; it’s about gaining perspective.

Start by taking in air slowly and then exhaling patiently. Each breath cycle should last about 6 seconds. The technique should consistently involve breathing in through your nose and out from your mouth in an effortless manner.

Allow your mind to begin to free itself of analytic thoughts and float where it will. After sitting and just focusing on your breathing, the mind can relax and playfully explore random images and ideas in a non-judgmental or non-analytic context. As Anna Nalick famously sang in her hit song, “breathe, just breathe.”

Mindful Observation Techniques

The mind has a process of focusing on things, rendering judgment or analyzing them. Mindful observation involves letting go of that intense thinking. If you walk by a beautiful flower, let go of ideas about its type, number of petals and other analytic thoughts. Enjoy it for what it is, a beautiful flower. Let that observation be enough and flow to the next experience.

Mindful Listening Techniques

Much like mindful observation, mindful listening involves the auditory senses. Approach sounds in a non-judgmental fashion. A bird chirping need not be accompanied with thinking about its type, migration habits or other thoughts.

Consider the experience of sitting back and listening to lovely music through a high-quality set of headphones. The purpose is the listening experience. Those headphones allow you to block out external noise and focus on the music. Apply that same approach to sounds in everyday life.

Allow yourself to feel the sounds all around you. They can be cacophonous sounds of road construction, a string quartet or a babbling brook. Being mindful of sound is an embracing of the auditory experience all around you. Stop thinking and just hear the music.

We hope our District West Gables community members enjoy these mindfulness techniques. If you or a friend would like more information about our Miami apartments, call us today.

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