4 Tips for Hosting a Beer-Tasting Party

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Beer Tasting

A great way to meet new neighbors is to host a beer-tasting party. If malts and hops make you geek out, then it’ll be easy for you to host a killer beer-tasting shindig. Here are some tips to help you get started.

#1 Choose a Theme

A theme is important when it comes to throwing any kind of party. Good themes for a beer-tasting party include Oktoberfest, Stout Beers, Fall Beers, or Summer Beers. You can ask each guest to bring their favorite brew that fits in with the theme.

#2 Have the Proper Set Up

A great party starts with the proper setup. After all, what fun will a beer party be if you don’t have the right supplies? Use a large table for the setup. You should have tasting glasses. Choose ones that hold approximately six ounces. You could also use half-pint mason jars. Keep the brand and type of each beer a secret so guests can have fun guessing the beer. To make the setup really Instagram-worthy, use marquee numbers to label the beers. Gather some bottle caps or buttons for guests to use to rank beers that they have tried. Six-pack cartons make great utensil or snack holders. Other supplies needed include pens, a ballot box or jar, and mini chalkboards. If kids will be at the party, purchase some root beers. Also purchase snacks like pretzels, chips, and bite-sized sliders.

#3 Choose Your Brews

Depending on your theme, you might have some of the following brewskis for your party:

  • Porters: Porters are a rich, brown color. They are brewed with roasted malt, which gives them a dry, acidic taste. Notes of coffee and chocolate are found in porters. They usually have a smoky finish.

  • Ales: These fruity, full-bodied brews are great for beer tastings. They come in a variety of malt and fruit aromas from nut-brown to pale ales. You can expect bitter seasoning and fruity acidity.

  • Lagers: Lagers are everyone’s favorites. They feature a smooth, refreshing finish. Lagers are usually a medium or pale color. They tend to feature more carbonization than other beers. Lagers have a medium to high hop.

  • Malts: These are great for beer drinkers who like sweeter flavors. These dark-brown brews are usually light or full-bodied. Popular malt notes include toffee, nuts, and caramel.

#4 Create the Perfect Atmosphere

Lastly, create the right atmosphere, and you are ready to go. Create a beer-tasting playlist. Section out a part of your West Miami, FL, apartment for the tasting party.

A beer-tasting party is a great way to meet your neighbors. If you are looking for a fun, trendy place to live, check out District West Gables apartments in West Miami. They offer modern living in a dynamic environment.

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