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Guest Room

When you live in one of the beautiful apartments in West Miami, it’s understandable that you’d want to show it off every chance you get. Having guests is fun, especially when they stay overnight, and you get to enjoy their company for more than one day. When guests come to stay, here’s how to make the guest room cozy and welcoming.

Stack Clean Towels Where They’re Easily Seen

Rather than making your guests have to ask if they can get a clean towel, stack folded towels for their personal use on top of the made-up guest bed where your guests will find them. Make an attractive stack with the bath towel on the bottom, hand towel next, and two or more washcloths on top.

Make a Nightstand Accessories Area

Use a small tray or pretty cloth to create a nightstand accessories area. On top of that, place one or two bottles of water, along with sample sizes of shampoo and conditioner and toothbrush and toothpaste. For a finishing touch, add an individually wrapped mint candy to make your guest feel right at home.

Add Fresh or Dried Flowers

On the bureau in the guest room, place a small but colorful display of fresh or dried flowers. This will make the room even more inviting, but it will also make your guest feel welcome. If flowers aren’t your thing, substitute the flowers for a small potted green plant.

Provide Reading Material

Lots of people have trouble falling asleep in strange rooms. Give your guests something to fall asleep by with a stack of reading material next to the bed. If your guest is from out of town, a collection of tourist brochures will be entertaining. Otherwise, a selection of popular magazines on various topics will do the trick.

Provide the Wi-Fi Password

Print out your Wi-Fi password on a pretty colored piece of paper. Fold in half and place it like a table tent on the guest bedroom nightstand for quick and easy access.

Make a Faux Menu

For the crowning touch in your cozy guest room, print out a fun, faux menu, just like a nice hotel might have. List all the offerings for breakfast, with a small checkbox that your guest can use to make their choice.

These cozy guest room tips will make your West Miami apartments guest feel right at home. And when they’re ready to make West Miami their home, contact us to see available floor plans.

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